Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May fast approaching..

May is fast approaching and theres so many things!! My brother Ryan's birthday is this Sunday... 22! Hm... i feel like i should be that old haha. Last year we didn't really celebrate his birthday due to my parents' work matters haha. BUT no he is not bitter. When i asked him what we were doing for his birthday on Sunday he said "What? We don't celebrate my birthday anymore remember?" jokingly of course.. but i think serious at heart. He is such a good brother! He is always the upbeat one, any problem rarely phases him, he's so funny, and if you know him you know it is a unique funny. Happy go lucky is really the phrase to stick to him.. although it sounds maybe girly? Ha. man. I'm so glad to have him as a brother. He just lifts up the mood right when he walks in. I'm grateful that him and Tucker get along too. Ha.. even if its just Southpark and other random stuff that get them talking. Ryan is a good lil uncle to Beck too. You can tell he just loves him to death and any time he gets with him... I frequently get asked when the next Baby Botkin is coming.
Of course May is not just Birthdays. Brittany's senior PROM is next Saturday! ohhh Prom :) :) Not that i would know what prom is like... *cough Tucker cough* But i am so excited for her!! I don't think she knows. Haha. I really love my sister and i really just hope she has the best time and enjoys the last bit of high school :) She gets so stressed, i think prom will slow her down at least for 1 night.
Another thingggg Tucker is getting ordained (hopefully this weekend? don't quote me) Along with Beck's baby blessing :) better late than never. Aw. I have been looking forward to that! And no.. no it does not stop there. We are also getting sealed sometime this month. Again don't quote me on a date. But we are VERY excited.
:) I think life is in a good spot right now.. and when May comes and goes we'll be in an even better spot.
Well ... enough of rambling on and on.
Kudos to Muff and all her cute pictures of her kids! I can't get enough of those kiddies :)

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Monte and Brittany said...

oh my gosh michelle im so excited for you guys!! congrats!!
monte and i would love to come to your endowments or sealing!!
but if its just a family thing thats fine!!
well congrats again!!
and beck is so cute!! we should get together again!! maybe go to the zoo or something! :)