Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Fav .. I don't know how to link it, so you'll have to copy and past.. but ohhhh trust me it is worth the work!

This is my new fav site! Lots of design stuff.. just cool ideas and awesome before and afters of furniture pieces. Also some DoItYourself stuff, and modern stuff too. Some of it is too modern for my taste.. but I forgive. It has furniture pics/ideas to sewing projects to just cool stuff/trends in the home and lots of creative stuff! Its a must see for the creative eye! Check it out when you are at loss of what websit to go to next on the world wide web. If you are like me.... you will love love love. :)

I was going to post some pics from the site.. but i just couldn't choose one! You'll have to see for yourself :)

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