Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween :)

This Halloween was so cute and fun! Beck being at such a cute age.. perfect for beginner trick or treater. One Tucker showed him what to do once, he had it down! He was such a cute bear! It was fun dressing up too. Last year's Halloween, Tucker had to work all night.. so getting all dressed up by myselft was not very appealing. But this Year Tucker was Harry Potter. aha. I must say he makes quite a good one. And I was none other than a Pregnant Pirate.
I helped out with the Ward Halloween party so we spent the majority of our time there.. then visited the Spencers. Then later Beck and I went to see my mom and dad while Tuck went off to sleep ( he had to work that night).
And now.. two days later all of the "good stuff" from Beck's pumpkin is almost all consumed. Not by him either...

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kim said...

Cute pictures!Cute costumes!Cute KIDS!It was so nice to have such warm weather for trick or treating!