Friday, May 1, 2009

Guess whos cookin..

yours truly
(with the phone help of mamasita)
who woulda thought :)
OH and that cute little apron.. made by the huz!
and yes... i posed.... im just cool slash cheesy like that

And what do I do about this...

Step 1. mad 2. preparing to attack 3. happy as ever 1 sec. later

Any discipline advice people??
Yelling "No!" and in stressful times
a swat on the bum...
I need better tactics
for this crazy


Monte and Brittany said...

what i do with cole is i just hurry and grab the toy from him ( which might be hard if your breast feeding) but then i tell him no thank you and say we do not throw that is not very nice.. and then i just distract him with something else.
ive also like put him on a chair and got close to him face and said we do not do that! no thank you.
and then tell him hes on the chair for 10 sec. and i count to ten and then walk back up to him and give him a hug and say okay i love you.. no throwing( or hitting or whatver he did. ) we are suppose to be nice!!

hope that helps. im still learning myself!! haha
good luck!

Monte and Brittany said...

oh and let me know if you find something that works better!! haha

Michelle said...

haha yeah we've been doing the short time out thing too... sometimes it works sometimes not. hah. i'll let you know..

Rossana said...

I was thinking, you are in sunny California with two cute kids, how about you send those pictures to an agency and maybe they can be little models like for children magazines.
Beck is a handsome little guy, and Arli... well, what more can I say, she is GORGEOUS! Have you thought about it?