Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arli's One.

Happy Birthday sweet Arli Pilar! Her big day turning 1 was yesterday! We started the day by me, Tuck, and Beck going into her room singing happy Birthday! She LOVED it! She danced and was so happy. We gave her one pack of earings for now.. and put a new pair in. We hadn't changed earings since she got her ears pierced! The Happy Birthday song continued throughout the day along with tight Happy Birthday squeezes and extra extra love and attention to this sweet girlie! We spent the day hanging out.. running errands for her party on Sunday.. and going to Daddy's basketball game! (so close hun!) When we got there Arli was determined to get on the floor and crawl.. when I finally let her, she said "Dada" pretty loud and clear.. and booked it towards Tucker.. But he was busy coaching poor girl!! It was fun to hear the plays Tuck called, named "Beck" and "Arli" haha. Only Tucker would come up with these things. We came hope just in time for bedtime.. The day went too fast! Now today she a year and A DAY old!
She still isn't walking, haha. i was holdin out on taking some one year pictures hopeing she'd be walking by now. But she's still so cute crawling the "right" way now. She tries to repeat every word I say to her. She says Dada and Mama .. but dada mostly :) and she has sad Grama and Beck before. of course in her own little 1 year old tongue :) She is the best sleeper.(i raised this one right) and still takes 2 naps a day! She rips her hairclips out.. but hates her hair in her eyes.. but I dont plan on giving her bangs (like my dad asked). She loves to dance (her moves are pretty crazy original) and listen to music.. and sing songs in the car. And she follows in Beck's footsteps in loving The Wiggles. She loves playing with Beck. She even plays with cars, pushing them along on the floor. But LOVES when she finds her girly pink toys! (very few they are!) She is a climber now. She pulls down the pillows and puts them by the fireplace bench and somehow crawls up and gets on the bench.. crawls back and forth and then just crawls right off back onto the pillows and rolls down to the carpet. She figured out how to get on Beck's bed (someones gotta use it). She loves waking up Daddy crawling and cuddling with him on the bed. We won't have any stats about her weight or anything until next wednesday.. but I know she's over 20 lbs. so she is officially facing forward in her carseat.. and so far.. i think she's kinda confused.. and it takes more work to look at Beck.. But I think she'll love it.
She is the sweetest babe girl I could ever have hoped for. and just too cute for her own good. We love her so much and are SO forever thankful for her in our family. :)
Happy Birthday week Arli Girl!

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