Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucy in the Sky

We are the proud parents of this little boy, Beck. He is pretty cool. and we like to think he has great taste in music.. and really knows his stuff.
He proved himself right the other day when I found him in the bathroom after he went potty, looking like so, and singing "Lucy in the skyyy with diiiammonds" The chorus over and over and over again. While making a diamond with his hands around the stream of water haha.

And yes.. he really does know who sings the song. The Beatles of course.
We play Name that artist game a lot with him. But he knows a lot of songs just by recognizing how the artist sounds in other songs he's heard.
Artists he knows so far:
Vampire Weekend (a MUST-HAVE in the car)
They Might be Giants
Beck (of course)
The Beatles

Man we love our little punk!


Sandra said...

You're welcome, Michelle :) And, no matter what happens, think about your family every day and be grateful for them, with all your heart. Nothing else matters. You already have the most powerful and beautiful thing in the world: your kids ... :)
Whenever you can, think about your kids and block all other thoughts. This way you fill yourself with positive energy and then can move mountains. :)

Dana Ezzet said...
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