Saturday, November 13, 2010

Arli rockin everywhere.

Somebody chose her own outfit the other day.
That somebody's name is Arli.

Good choice I think.. dont you? ( she was lucky she had Gma Silvia to help her)
I just cannot believe how big my girl is. What a cliche' line.. But man. She will be 2 in February. And even though it seems like it just went by so fast.. too fast. I also cannot imagine life without her..
She is my little momma's girl.. but she is her daddy's world (wait is that in a song?)
She loves to imitate everything I do.
She is a singer. Beck was not a singer. So this is nice for us. She sings her own made up songs in the car. or walking around the house constantly.
She is my feisty latin tempered child. And hey.. thats okay.
She is also my best sleeper of the two. simply amazing.
I can never tell when shes teething. I feel like a bad mom when i realize I havent looked in her mouth for over 3 months. But she really just never has teething episodes. Though I know they are there and coming in as we speak.
She loves dogs. Like a dying love that only my own child would have.
She is a tough strong girl. She puts up a fight.
She seroiusly is such a sweet little girl.. funny and very strong willed.
And I feel so blessed to have her.. and I think everyone should know her :)

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Mrs. Warwick said...

Arli is so Cute! :) She is getting so big!