Friday, November 12, 2010

Pencil in hand.

I have projects waiting to be photographed. And there are so many things I want to make right now. As usual. And I always have multiple projects going on at once. When Arli's naptime comes its the real go time to create. I can get a little bit done here and there when she's awake.. but I usually wait until her naptime for the long run. And now that the Christmas season has officially started.. (For me anyway) I have a list of things to get done either to sell for a Holiday Bizzare I am planning on doing.. or things to make for Christmas gifts.
So the things I reeeally want to do lately, like paint, draw, scrapbook, and create my dream quilt, etc. etc. , will have to wait until after Christmas. Or at least until all the things on my list are done. And I have a feeling, I will barely be done for Christmas. As usual.

So to hold off until I get those things done, I decided to share with you my first talent. Art. Everything I do, I consider art. But this was the first form of art I began with. Pencil Drawing. In high school my favorite class was of course my art classes, art drawing, pottery.. And i'm kickin myself for not taking graphic design. But in the end, through all the mediums I learned I really always came back to drawing. These are just sketches that I made up.. some over a year ago.. some months ago and one just the other week. And it kind of scares me to share these. I hated getting grades in art class. How can one judge another person's art anyway? But this is what I most enjoy.
I like to draw looking off a picture.. (I do have this amazing drawing of Shakira I can hopefully dig up from high School (Yeah, I love Shakira.)
And these are just some I found lately. All of them are unfished.. of course. haha

1. Pregnant with Arli.. holding Beck. (and dont worry i'm in my swim bottoms.. and a top of some kind)

When I drew it.. If i drew it exact to the picture.. it would have been soooo much shading.. So I drew it minus all the shadows... not sure how to finish it.
2. Beck a year and a half old.
Okay.. I changed it a bit in my drawing. I wanted his eyes in it. And the angles are all wrong. This is what I get for freehanding and not using the grid system. Again unfinished.
3. Beck and Bo at the Oregon Coast 2009- Blahh.. I started.. loved the cartoonish of the boys.. and gave up on the ocean.. I need color for that.. unfinished.. But I think I like this one that way.

Always unfinished. And As I write about each drawing.. I get kinda anxious.. or nervous. I always draw these so fast in one sitting and then never get back to them. Oh how I miss ART CLASS. haha. scheduled time to just create. So I hope to get back to taking the time to measure the photo out.. grid .. and outline, and shade in the correct order yet again. One day.
I think all the other stuff I make is kind of an instant gratification thing. Which is great for me.. bein a busy mom. But its nice to get back to "my roots" so to speak.
Thanks for looking. And not judging :) hahah. oh man.
Shakira drawing.. where are you... I must prove that I once was really truly good at art.


Erin Dougal said...

That was me, Erin. Not Harrison. Sorry lol.

Harrison Dougal said...

I'm really good at drawing... STICK FIGURES. Seriously. I don't even try anything else because everything I do looks like a 2 year old's drawing. You really are so talented!