Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Christmas Tree Craft

From cardstock to Christmas tree.

My mom told me about this craft she saw on a blog.. wish I knew which one.. I've tried looking for it but no luck. So I went off what she said. You really cant mess this up. But instead of buying the Styrofoam cones from a craft store I just used my scrapbook cardstock. (Which I think I got the idea from my SIL)
It turned out really cute. There are many versions of this I'm sure.. We went with the ruffles. But I know I did see one with the fabric roses all over, which was super cute too.
Our family of trees

Each set will have a different home with other Christmas stuff.
My mom is hosting the Peruvian Christmas Eve party this year here at the house, so she wanted to make some new decor.. on a budget. Which for us we did this absolutely free.
Cute, easy, and fast to make!

Oh and I will hopefully be setting up my etsy shop soon.. The craft bazaar I was going to do actually got canceled. I was pretty bummed. But I have lots of hair accessories and crocheted items.. So look for a post about my upcoming Etsy shop!

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