Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fail Christmas Pics to Fave Photos

I am a amateur photographer. I love taking pictures of my kids. of any kids. And of things when I see it I think "That'd make a awesome picture" Which I say to my husband quite a bit. Ha.

Today we tried to have a Christmas Photo shoot. Kids in their nice christmas clothes.. Arli in her sweet skirt.. Beck lookin like a stud. And my friend also brought her gorgeous blonde hair blue eyed daughter along.
It was pretty good for the most part. Really. No screaming. It was more of just not listening haha. Of all the ones I took turns out I love these two a lot. (plus more of course)
My friend took the one of Beck actually.. and good thing because when I take pictures of the kids on the piano I always get down on their level.. but I love how this one is taken from a higher view.
Thanks Kelli :) . And the second one.. in the window.. it was a good spot.. But i really just need to practice more and learn more how to use my camera.
The pictures don't even show their christmas outfits or have any christmas"Y"ness to them. But you just never know what you're gonna get.
I uploaded these to , If you have not used it, you should try it. It is free and has lots of cool and fun features and effects. This was the "Cross Process" effect. I fell in love. I love the vintagey feel and feel like it looks like it was taken with an older camera.
The only thing good about the holidays being over in a few weeks is more time on my hands. I need to learn how to use this camera! And would LOVE to have photoshop one day. But I do have Gimp.. but I feel so illiterate with it.
Any tips?


Jake and Jenzi said...

Hey thought you might be has all of their downloadable patterns for FREE right now! They have some crazy cute stuff too. Just in case you were running out of projects...haha! Is that even possible??

Cute family by the way.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip!! Ohhhh so cute stuff! Thanks a ton!
I needa read your blog! i musta lost the link among the blog madness