Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gettin Christmas crazeh

Okay okay, so there's a lot of Christmas stuff lately.. But HEY don't judge. Just wait until I have my OWN house.. then I'll apologize ;)

I went to a ornament exchange party with some fun ladies from my ward.. And it was really fun. I had never been to one.. let alone heard of one haha. I ended up with my own ornament because I made it and didn't think the person that got it wanted it hahah. oh man.
But my friend gave me her set that she got. Thank you Kelli :) They are kinda cute.. So my wall above my dresser where my picture wall usually is, was blank.. (rearranging and such) So I stuck the ornaments up there.. then grabbed some spray painted frames I had and stuck those on there. HA. Pretty simple. Nothing new here people. But now I can have a little Christmas in our own room.
I imagine this looking much better with colorful frames.. great handmade ornaments.. someday. In my house. when it will really count. :)

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Shay and Kira said...

Oh Michelle, I love reading your blogs. You always make me laugh and i always see how much we have in common. I so wish we were closer! Love your tree garland cute!