Thursday, January 27, 2011

3's Company

Life is still pretty grand this Jan. 2011

I have been watching Sage the past few days (Sage is Tucker's cousin) She is basically same age as Arli. Such a blast to watch the 3 kids play together!
Watching over 3 kids hasn't been much different than 2 these past days. The only difference is.. bigger mess. And Bigger mess because Arli and Beck want to show her all their toys that they never play with.
It's a grand ol time.
I'm sure whats going through their head is "Oh, my mom, she cleans this place like 3 times a day.. this mess is Gooooood!"
It is also nice to know that Arli isn't as behind in speaking as I had thought. Based on Sage and another girly I watched last week, Arli is just fine. But I must say, Sage has some mad sentence skills.
During Sage's nap today, well not much napping today. I thought I lost Beck. I literally could not find him anywhere.. I kinda started to freak in my head. But that punk loves to find amazing hiding places. So part of me was still sane. I continued to look for him.. as I got closer to the room Sage was in (in a playpen) I heard giggles. I opened the door and there he was! I was sneaky and quiet so I got to see the guilty man in action. He was in the playpen with Sage, criss-cross-applesauced right across from her. And he was swaying his body one way, accompanied with a weird funny noise, and then the other way. And she was just giggling.
I was just like.. "HUWHAT?". I had him get out and go on his way.. But man it was so hilarious.. What the heck. The boy is a big boy. He knows he wasn't supposed to be over on that side of the house.. let alone in her playpen. holy moly.
Then I hear Beck and Sage playing in the kids' room. laughin, havin fun. But I didn't hear Arli's laugh. Only her yell from another room. I asked Beck where she was. He replied "She's in the cages. I locked her in there."
Uhhh .. "HUWHAT?" I found her in the coat closet, inside the doggy crate, and yes, locked.
When I tried to free her from her doom, she got upset with me! Yes, this is typical Arli. Apparently I wasn't supposed to touch anything, and leave her there. So I did. Don't worry, it's not like there was anything in there for her to get hurt.
And in all honesty she was probably safest there.
It's been a fun time having Sage. A bit more energy in the house. Will it go back down a lil when she's not here tomorrow and so on? Kinda hope so. At least until it warms up outside, go somewhere to exert all that new energy.


Shay and Kira said...

Fun times! I can't believe how big all the kids have gotten in the last few months since i left. I miss seeing everyone and all the kids once a month at family night.

Jim and Katie said...

Cute girls! Thanks again for watching her!!

kim said...

cute little girlies! Glad they could spend some time together!!!