Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness

And no, we're not talkin' basketball here. Don't worry ;)
We have a lot of birthdays in March! Lets count. ready? My sister, my niece, my dad, my brother in law, and my nephew. =5
YEAH! that's a lot. We love our family though and have loads of fun at the parties. But to save our wallet a little we are going with handmade yet again. Surprise! haha.
Starting with my sweet niece's birthday.

First I made a drawing pad holder with slots for color pencils.. it woulda been cute, if it wasn't for me. HA just kidding. But somehow it turned out all wonkey.. maybe it was the fabric choice. So right before the party I couldn't handle giving that away and mader her another gift. A fabric covered composition notebook, for drawing, writing notes, doodles, everything a 6 year old loves right?? hah. Hope so. It was pretty cute for a sweet girl!
And yet again.. Pictures taken in the car on the way. I need manage my time a little better lately.

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