Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crochet for a Charity

 A close friend of mine works for Scentsy. She is a rockstar! She started to put together an auction to benefit a charity they are doing, Halt the Hunger.
She called me an asked if I'd be interetsed in donating some items to auction off. 
Of course! Anything for that girl! 
I've been working a bunch on crocheting some new products for the shop. 
So it was perfect timing. 
I busted these out. 
New this season: Toddler adjustable headwrap
and th calssic: Adjustable Headwrap
I put some new and fresh looking flower on this seasons. I'm lovin the look.
I also donated a pair of leather baby shoes I made back in the spring. 
They were for sale in my etsy but never sold. 
But I stinking love them. I designed the anchor and cut it out by hand. 
Labor of love.

Arli girl modeling the toddler headwrap for me. Turned out super adorable. I love it. I can't wait to buy some more yarn and more colors! Good things are coming, I'm tellin ya!

Feels good to donate something to an awesome cause! Now let's just hope someone wants them haha. 

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MOLLY said...

what a perty little model YOU have! she is soooo adorable, i can't even stand it. her hair is so darling and those eyes. geez. so cute. love the head bands too, they are great.