Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So Fresh

I'm really diggin' this new year, fresh start dealio. I always have.
But this year especially because
1. I was sick of Christmas.. a month before it came. Literally. Still.. don't even start singin a christmas song.. and I can't even look at christmas pics. (hence no Christmas post) Pregnancy does the weirdest things.

2. Spring is just around the corner. Boooo winter! I decided I hate winter this year. Just looking outside is enough. It just looks so miserable out there. Again... weird pregnancy things. But the upside.. I'm saving a lot of gas!

3. A fresh new start.

 This year I do not have many "physical" goals like I usually do. Only growing a healthy baby, not going overboard with "eating for two", and exercise regularly and stretching. Pretty simple. :)

The real thing I love is the fresh feeling of a new year. Re-focusing. Re-evaluating. There are many things I need to work on. And things I want to become better at.
I think that quote sums up my New Year's Resolution in a nutshell.
My ultimate goal is to slow-down, focus, and live in the moment.. but mainly live my days with the real focus in my mind. The things that matter most. My family, my faith.

Family wise that means.. Spending more Full on focus time with my kids. Helping them learn more things and enjoy watching them learn. Play with them more and Let time pass by. It's funny when I do those things, I find the other things get done more happily and is more manageable.

Creative wise to me this means.... Create more freely! Paint, draw, do what the heck ever my little artsy heart desires.. Pinterest is the devil. Okay not really. But I found that these past months the less I'm on it.. the better. It is a great source for ideas that I am on the search for. But not great for a time sucker. Not to mention I feel it was completely sucking my inner creativity.

I'm loving this year already. 2012 is going to be so good to us Botkins.


Erin Dougal said...

Pinterest is the devil! I hate it. And love it. And am addicted. How do you get off of it!?

Michelle said...

in the fall it annoyed me so bad! haha but luckily i was so sick these past months that i wasn't on barely at all. But now I just get on.. hardcore.. repin crap galore and then i stay off the rest of the week unless I'm on the search for something specific.

MOLLY said...

i'm so excited to read all about your new baby boy or girl, name etc.!! you really are just the cutest girl ever. sorry bout the pregnancy blahs. they are the worst feeling. ever. but at least there is a reward at the end!

molly said...

i guess you inspired me twice yesterday! first to write my 2012 post and your post from instagram reminded me to journal. thank you! i didn't even realize i had done that blog post after reading your 2012 post, but i totally did! quote and all. or it's just that great minds think alike. i'll go with that ;) but the journaling, i was not coming up wiht on my own yesterday. bad mama me. i need to write more often in their personal journ