Friday, February 24, 2012

Arli- 3 yrs and 7 days

 It was THIS ^^ Sweet girl's birthday last Friday!
The little sassy pants turned 3 years old!!
That is some big girl stuff! 
I love my sweet feisty girl so much. 
She is making me laugh so much and seriously is a joy! 
(when she's not fake crying or whining ;)
She is caring and loves to be cuddled and loved. 
She is so beautiful. 
It amazes me still. And at times I 
just have to sit and admire her. 
She is a freakin hoot. 
and more than a bit cheesy :)

She woke up to balloons baracading her doorway. 
And some pink pancakes. :)

For lunch she requested of course ham and cheese sandwhich. 
And Beck and I sang Happy Birthday to her so she could blow her candles out. 
(and a good thing too since she cried when we sang to her at her birthday party)
Then Friday night we went to Monkey Bizness per her request and 
invited her little bestie cousin Ella to come along. 
It was a fun time.. and both the girls rock climbed for the first time.
haha. Pictures of that on my real camera though.

She's lucky and had a whole birthday weekend and 
she also shares the birthday with my cousin's daughter who is a year younger.
So we partied it up over there where I captured this beauty of a picture.
This is THEE face Arli will give when you ask her to smile for a picture.
That ..thing.. or some other weird trying smile. 
It's hilarious.. and disturbing.

We had her birthday party on Sunday and all she requested 
was PINK. Of course! So that made it easy for me. 
Just used the decorations that we have used every year for her parties 
(loving that tradition for her)
And had lots of pink desserts! 
Perfect for a pink princess! 
(did I just say Pink Princess?!? Oh the things you'll do for your child!)
Can we talk about the crying for a second. 
She cried. 
Because I wanted her to wear her bday hat. 
Then didn't stop even though I didn't make her wear it.
Then refused to blow out her candles.
Then her bestie cousin blew out the candles for her. 
Haha ohhh my gosh.
Then we sang again. 
Tried to get her to blow them out. 
Got her calm... and I blew them out with her. 
I was pretty sad about the loss.
And it IS a loss. I mourned. 
Those cute pics that could have been taken! 
Awh well. 
it's her party and she can cry if she wants to right?

She got lots of love from family and cousins that came to celebrate with us.
And she got spoiled with loving gifts from family. 
One of her favs has been these Princess Peg dolls from "Aunt Muff" or Tuck's sister Kendra.
Major hit! as was the potty/pooping toilet and doll. Her "Arli" puzzle, a broom and many more!
I have to say.. when she opened our gift to her .. I wish I had recorded it!
We gave her the movie Tangled. 
She opened it..
Said "Awwwwwwww" and hugged it tight to her chest
closing her eyes so tight. 
And continued in that fashion for half a minute haha.
It was so freakin cute.

It's funny how after a major event that I'm dying to blog about beforehand... once its over.. I never find the time (motivation) to sit down and get the pictures organized and write it. haha.
Hence the Arli Bday Update post.

Maybe someday the rest of the pictures will pop up in coming posts :)

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Kim Denison said...

She IS beautiful. My gosh...absolutely stunning little girl. And can we talk about that Gorgeous cake for a second? DID YOU MAKE THAT? It's amazing!