Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Lovey Day

What a lovely Valentines day we had. :) 
Valentines Day isn't just about Tuck and I around here..
The kids were part of all the lovey day too. 
And I'm pretty sure all the pictures show I was pretty 
obsessed with my little boy Valentine this year. 
Although Arli did get a rose from her Daddy. 
Okay well... she didn't.. he forgot on the way home. 
But it was the thought that counts! 
She'll learn that someday ;)
Date night! Isn't Tuck a sucker for love puttin the heart on my belly.
Beck's Valentines

Kids Gifts :) mini Darth Vader for Beck and a Pug Beanie baby for Arli

Beck signing all his Valentines. (FIRST year people!!! big deal)

Beck was Brin's Valentine this year. :) He done good.

Uhm hello adorable boy! I had to make sure everyone knows he's MY Valentine. hence the shirt ;)

Valentines Lunch. PB&J hearts & Pear hearts. Major hit.

Tuck's Present. he said "I love Idaho!" 

In it's new home. Left: Tuck's sewn "I <3 U" on leather many years ago. Right: Anniversary gift 2 years ago. Embroidered love note. 
And Tuck has been working on my Christmas-turned-Anniversary-turned-Valentines Gift for awhile now. It is unfinished... and will always be unfinished :) He is making our love story into a book. Complete with detailed story line and cute pictures colored by Tuck himself. I am in love with it! And the fact that it will never be finished. :)
We will have forever to write "our story"

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Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

Wow, you went all out! Best Mom Ever!