Thursday, April 26, 2012

26 weeks

26 Weeks pregnant as of last Sunday. 
That means THIS Sunday is 27 wks. Hoo-RAY!
Baby boy is growing... and so am I..
At my appointment today I had the pleasure of standing on the scale.
And before you chastise me about complaining... and that I'm small.. and so on
Let me stop you :) 
Because that number on the scale was big .. for me... for this soon in the pregnancy
Haha. I mean.. seriously! It was not okay. 
I handled the big one over the --- 
But I was not prepared for today haha.
I won't go into exact numbers of weight. 
But I did gain 7 lbs since my last appointment... umm one month ago. 
Let's just say I went a lil overboard this last month on the doughnuts and candy.
But I think my body took note before this because I was just telling my mom 
how I am craving more healthy stuff again. 
Thanks body.. you're a month late ;) 
Other than the weight gain I am feeling great. 
Already uncomfortable and occasionally naps call my name, but other than that, just Great! 
I have noticed that just like when I was pregnant with Beck and Arli.. I'm getting tired of my face. Haha. Like really. Tired of how I look. It's weird. But totally happened with Beck and Arli, so I'm sure I'll like myself again in a bit. ;)
He moves so so much. I wonder if he will be my wild child... (Did I just jinx myself?)
Arli girl loves to put her hand on my belly. And she keeps it there. 
She likes to feel him kick and watch him move across my belly.
Beck on the other hand isn't really feelin' it. Literally.
I'm lucky if I can get him to just watch my belly move. 
But he does talk about his baby brother a lot still. He is really sweet about it. 
I am getting excited to meet this already feisty boy. 
Still 3 months away.


Janelle said...

You look so cute Michelle! My favorite thing was feeling and seeing the baby move. I bet it's so fun for Arli to feel it too! Congrats again! You are such a darling momma.

Ashley said...

I know you don't want to hear it but you do look good! I mean you have two kids to chase around, that is a lot!

Hansen's said...

SO cute!! You make pregnancy look good. And ONLY three months away! So exciting!

Carrie said...

It's amazing what being pregnant does to your body. You just have a cute little basketball in front. From the back you don't even look prenant. Maybe that's why they call it little boucing baby boys. He is probably moving so much cuz he has room. Wait till he his trying to stretch you out because there is no room. Thats what happened to me. Anyways you look amazing, beautiful and adorable. Love your face!!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

Michelle, you're so freaking cute. Seriously. Love your belly and your face. But I totally understand how you feel.

Dearest Lou said...

You have the cutest baby bump ever! So glad I found your blog! Would love if you checked out my Thursday link party or thriftfanatics page (;