Monday, June 11, 2012

Mean Mom lives here.

Beck is a great kid and all.
but sometimes he is really, really tough. Stubborn. OCD'ish. Anger management style people.
Today, after picking him up from his cousins' house, was no exception.
Something or another happened.
First it was that Arli got out of the car first.
Then correct word for something that Arli was saying wrong.
Then the no chocolate milk before dinner.
Then I say he's in a bad mood, he yells at me that he is in a "good" mood.
Then ... well it just becomes every little thing that bothers him.
He was sent to his room for a break. I can hear him yelling all sorts of things. Ya know, typical kid stuff.
"this is the worst family ever!"
"You are the meanest mommy ever!"
"I'm going away tomorrow and never coming back!"
"The only good person in this family is me!"
Followed by many other ways to say that I am a mean mom and he is a good kid.

Fast forward to dinner time.
I'm trying to get him to finish his dinner. As usual.
He must not have had a very good break.
He was fighting the eating so hard.
He said to me.. "you are meaner than satan."
Woah buddy!

Luckily he took it back after I told him that was not something we say. (said with a very firm voice.. which he said I was being mean again.)

Sometimes, I tell you! Being a mom is tough stuff. Like.. not even cool.

Let's hope Beck grows out of this "pre-teen stubborn dramatic girl with a violent twist" phase.

Cannot even wait till I have one that can't talk back to me again. Oh dear little bebe boy... I need your sweetness.


Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

Oh, I had that kind of day too. So sorry.

Erin Dougal said...

You are meaner than Satan. Hahahaha.

Kim Denison said...

hahaha. Oh my. Good thing he's cute!

Carrie said...

You are not a mean just say that to see of you will bend and when you don't bend anymore they quit those tactics...stick to your guns. He will appreciate it when he has kids...Plus kids say the darndest things!!

The Rawlings said...

Oh my heck michelle I read this post and laughed out loud. Then I had my mom read it and my dad and my sisters..etc. Everyone was laughing at the things beck was saying haha. Sure love all of these stories!