Saturday, November 3, 2012

The stinker makes me smile.

 Sometimes, this kid is a serious stinker.
*As portrayed in this series of pictures, He likes to bug his sister.
He knows how to push her buttons.
And Arli is just devastated he is throwing HER pile of leaves.
And then, they are besties again. 
And that is one of the millions of reasons why I love them.
As Beck would say.. I love them a million times 40hours times infinity million hundred

Life hasn't been easy lately. And it's no surprise.. because no one's life is easy really. 
But during the down times.. these kids never fail to bring the biggest smile to my face. 
During this latest trial they have taught me to slow down. And I have loved it. I love just eating up their every word and expression on their cute little faces. I never want to forget this stage of their lives. It went way to fast with Baby Beck and now he is "Big kid" Beck. 
I am forever grateful for these sweet innocent children in my life who lift me up, and bring bigger meaning to my life. 


Silvia Hope said...

Im speechless much love..thank you for sharing your children with me...they light up my life:)

kim said...

These are amazing pictures AND amazing kids! and you are an amazing Mom! Love you all!!!