Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rivers is 1


Rivers Tucker Botkin is 1! 
Seriousy.. that was fast. 
He is the sweetest boy ever. 
He is always a charmer smilin at people. I love it. 
He is 21 lbs.  His head is in the 89% and in the 8th % for height! I got a squaty shorty on my hands! 
( I was wondering why he was still able to wear his 9 month onsies)
He is cruising everywhere as long as he has something to hold on to.
Stands, but not walking yet. But so close! 
He loves to mimmick us and laugh at things that make no sense haha.
He totally knows what no means.
His first word was "Dada" last week.
And this week he added "Wow" to his vocabulary. 
Such a funny boy and knows exactly what i'm saying to him. 
His feet are oh so little. Still a size 3! 
He is still the most amazing sleeper.. sleeping 12 hours in their shared room.
He loves loves his brother and sister. 
He loves playing with them and its the sweetest thing to watch them interact. 
He's been climbing stairs for a couple months now.. But has had the misfortune of falling down them too. Ay yi yi. 
I cannot get enough of my Riv boy! He is our sunshine of our family! 
His face will go from normal, cute big eyes, plump lips, to the sweetest smile I've ever seen and my heart melts into blubber! Completely melted! 
So thankful for Rivers in my life. He brightens every day. 

My good friend Megan took these pictures of Riv and unexpectedly snuck a few of me in there too. I'm lucky to have her as my friend! so talented and giving! I'll cherish these pictures forever.

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Megan Hollenback said...

oh michelle you are so sweet! i love you and am happy to take photos of you and your fam anytime, seriously! riv is such a charmer. i love that kid!