Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Be Brave

It is amazing what a little sharing can do. 
I shared the link to my post yesterday on facebook and At first I didn't know why I felt compelled to do so. Heck, I really didn't want to. But I thought what the heck.. this is me. And I'm going to be brave.. Because I AM brave. 

It's funny.. when I got home the other weekend from my "girls weekend" Beck saw my new necklace and started to sound it out.. "B..eeee   ba ba brrr ave. Be Brave?!" And he laughed and laughed. 
He said "You're brave??" 
I said to him "Uh Yeah. I am! Cause I can do anything, and that makes me brave."
Oh the kid just laughed again! 
haha I didn't take it personally.. I found it hilarious that he really thought it was funny!
 Hilarious but also like.. what the heck!?
Today he saw it again and said, "Be brave." and laughed again. 
And I said, "Well yeah, why can't I be brave?" 
He said "I didn't know girls could be brave, only boys." 
Ohhhh little boy. I have much to teach you.
I said to him, "Oh yes Beck.. Women and girls are just as brave or EVEN MORE brave than boys." 
This time he didn't laugh. 
He thought about it. I could see his little brain pondering that. 
I got a swift kick in the gut that my son needs to know how important women are in this life. 
And that women and girls are just as strong as boys. 
But more importantly, that we all can be brave. 
Brave to face our fears. 
Our challenges. 
To really feel those emotions. 
To do something for ourselves. 
To go after something huge. 
To BE ourselves. 
To completely own our happiness.

Even though I didn't talk details of my trial in my post yesterday, the post reached out to so many. 
I heard from many that they were in the same boat. And at first I was like.. oh if they only knew what boat I'm in. They are def. not in my boat. They don't want to be in my boat.
But then I realized.
 It doesn't matter what boat you're in. 
The aftermath of the boat being swayed by the violent waves will take it's toll. 
And I truly realized. 
It is the same. 
Our healing is the same. 
Our heart's desire to find oneself again, is the same. 
My trial doesn't have to be the same as yours, to feel connected and more.

I feel so supported and uplifted. 
I have some pretty great people cheering me on. 
It pays off to be brave.

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