Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bike ridin'

My car is in the shop. So we are a one car family for a bit. Tucker would normally let me have his car and ride his bike everywhere but his wheel is busted.
So me and the kids are on our bikes a bit more when Tucker has the car.
Since I have had it all set up anyway, we've been on more bike rides, along with riding to and from school.
It is perfect weather. Beck loves it. Riv and Arli are contained and love it. We don't ever have an agenda. We are in the moment.  I follow him as he leads us right or left, whichever he feels like exploring. Beck tells me stories of his day at school. Arli "clicks" her mouth and has me guess what song she's "clicking". Rivers laughs and makes his voice heard. We ride until Beck gets tired. And every time we get home and off our bikes I feel renewed. I'm a better mom. I get more things done. I don't waste as much time. The feeling carries into the rest of our day/evening and I do more real things with my kids. I think they kinda like me more. I know I like me more.
I hope my kids always love the outdoors as much as I do. But they can only learn to love it if we are out there. Soakin it up. Throwing rocks. Watching the river.
I love going over the bridge. Beck usually slows down as he trys to pedal hard up the bridge. Once we get to the middle, I slow down almost stopping and look over the river. I look each way and breathe in deep. Boise is so beautiful. And my kids are so lucky to grow up here. I feel luckier to be physically able to be active with them and show them their surroundings.
Truth be told I probably wouldn't have even been biking as much had my car still been available.
I won't go as far to say I'm thankful that my car broke down. But I'm grateful for this little gift I found. A gift for my kids. But even more a gift to myself.
Each day I feel more grounded.

Beck may have caught on to the bike riding trend going on. Today he asked if we could go on a bike ride. Usually I'll sit and think about it. But right away I answered "Sure! Let's go!" He beamed! Was beyond excited.
I overheard him tell Arli, "hey Arli, try it, ask mommy if we can go on a bike ride and every time she'll say Yes! From now on!"    hahah Oh Beck.

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Karissa Shaw said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's so nice to meet you! And I'm officially your newest blogger. I want to have a Boise blogger met up sometime, so glad to know there are more bloggers in the area :)