Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rivers & a pop

This guy. 
I swear he is making up for being the best baby ever and turning into the busiest toddler ever. Not bad at ALL, just so busy. 
One minute I'm changing his diaper, looking for a diaper, and the next minute he's on the kitchen table swiggin leftover mini pop. 
Not to mention drawing all over my walls, my new coffee table (a friend built for me), and of course his face. 
But then he looks at me.. with that sweet face, big hazel eyes, and undeniable dimples!! 
Stop it right there Riv. 
This is hardly fair. 
How can my motherly discipline compete with that coming at me all day. 
Even Beck and Arli see it. 
Rivers turns into our own midget Godzilla and terrorizes their toys, little people villages, and lego creations. Beck will fight him off all while talking to him in that cute voice reserved just for Rivers. Arli will scream and yell and watch him crush her creations but then carry him elsewhere and give him other toys. 
We love him.
I love him. 
All that chubba lub of him. 
How is he still so chubby?!? I have no idea. 
Cause trust me, he's moving-walking-running, and that chub is still there. 
And those cheeks look pretty set in their ways. 
And I love every ounce of it.

This guy. 
This sweet lovable Riv Guy is our sunshine. 


Megan Hollenback said...

what a sweet post! love that adorable riv! haha. miss you guys.

Karalee and Austin said...

seriously, he is just the cutest!! Chub is so stinkin cute on those little ones. I just wanna squeeze him :)