Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Dinna'

I'm finally posting a blurb. :) I feel like I should catch up on the past month.. or life for that matter, but then i'd never get to the good stuff.
Christmas Time is here! I love christmas! It just seems to make everyone really happy! At least that's what it does to me.
This last weekend we went to my Grandma Hope's annual Christmas Dinner Party. Tucker was missed at the dinner becuase he had to work that night at UPS, but we managed to make it enjoyable :)
My sister Brittany brought her boyfriend of over 1 year now, which I thought was going to be very interesting/entertaining. But he made the cut and blended in nicely with the family.
Beck was being loved every second we were there. Everyone savoring their time holding him and playing with him. It was a nice break for me haha.
Beck loved the glorious tree and shiny presents and tried gettin a head start on opening them. We took lots of pictures of Beck and the tree and family. Beck was lovin the camera and really worked it ;)
After dinner we all played the white elephant game which was VERY entertaining with gifts being tossed around the circle. I managed to leave with 4 gifts because of my great convincing skills.
All in all the night was fun. And pictures to prove it ;)

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