Thursday, January 3, 2008

To move or not to move..

Utah? I never would have thought i'd even THINk about moving to Utah. But here we are.. almost a year into our marriage now.. and it is a 99.8% possibility. My uncle Marco offered Tucker a job down there working in his company. Skipping the details of what he will do.. He will be earning more money than he is currently. Which means = moving into an apartment of our own SOONER ! Which is really what we both want. So all in all we've done everything we can to ponder about our decision and still Tucker stands in the positively moving to utah category. And I also think it would be good for us. So.. we are probably, most likely, postively, maybe moving to Utah. in 3 weeks. It is a big step and its happening really fast.. but it is exciting. Only down fall.. being a state away from the family..

But, we'll see how it goes :)

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Rossana said...

I love your blog... I think everyone should have one. I haven't kept mine up, but I wish I had, because Kallie is growing so darn fast and is a good way to journal. You have inspired me to start writing again. Keep it up. You are moving to UT??? oh my! Your mom will miss you terribly. Make sure you come to visit often honey. Best wishes to you and your little family.