Thursday, January 10, 2008

Babeh' Beck & Babeh' Bo

Tucker, Beck, and I like to visit Kendra and the kids when we can! and luckily I always have my camera on me.. and I can't help but take pictures of Bo and Beck together. They are both so fascinated with eachother. Just looking at eachother and grabbing eachothers' hands, face, or whatever they please. Beck loves watching his cousins and having another fellow baby around :)

Oh and that day we went for lunch.. Eden was also being very .. adventurous you could say. Usually, (at least when I'm around) she does not pay any special attention to Beck or Bo. Sure she might make an effort to not step on them or knock them over but other than that... nothing. And that afternoon while Beck was in the saucer and Bo was standing next to it, Eden played peek-a-boo with each of them! It was the cutest/funniest thing! She'd do the classic cover of her eyes with her hands.. then "PEEK-A-BOO" in a high voice. Haha. It was very entertaining. We hope to get it on video sometime, if we're lucky.


Jim and Katie said...

Hi Michelle & Tucker-
Welcome to the blogging world! So glad that you decided to do it, especially now that you are moving to the promised land! (I'm a Utah girl!!) Utah really isn't that bad, I promise. Cute pictures of you all! Beck is getting so big.

Shay and I said...

Michelle! I am so sad you guys are moving to Utah. I wish we could have seen you guys more, but you will have a good time. WE lived in SLC the first year of our marraige. I have to tell you that Baby Beck is SSSOOO cute, I'm not just saying that. He is so adorable. Best of luck, hopefully we'll keep in contact through the blogging world at least!