Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Date Night/ Beck the Newsies Boy

Thank goodness for date nights! This last Monday Terry & Cheryl treated all of us to a night out to Dinner at the Spaghetti Factory then to the River Dance! It was Terry & Cheryl, Kendra & Barrett, Travis & Stacie, Kendra, and Tucker & I. We even took a limo to both our destinations. Dinner was really good. And we got our picture there. Oh and with the limo!

(picture steal off of Muff's page :) thank u. )

The River Dance was .. amazing. Nothing else explains it better. The dancers were extremely talented and to do what they do .. wow. It was Very entertaining and even had some funny little acts in it. It was just awesome.

Of course when we got out Tucker shot out comments how he could have been up there on stage with them. And Travis also showed up some of his river dancing talents on our way out. Haha. It was a fun night.
Once we picked up Beck from Muff's house I realized how much I missed him. Ha. That must be cliche' to say.. or something. But I really did. That smile that grows across his face when he sees mommy and papa! It is truly the best feeling.
It's always nice to get together kid free and go out! (Though Eden and Anson are great entertainment for all). I'm lucky to have fun in-laws that are always jokin around and the whole deal! You can always guarentee jokes and laughing thanks to the boys. Speaking of joking around.. I still don't get that little inside game they always play. Muff, Stacie.... you know what I'm talking about right? Haha Thank You to Terry and Cheryl for the fun night together!! Just in time before we leave!

Here are some pics of the three of us when we got home. it was late and Beck was extremely happy for some reason, laughing and talkin. One picture my mom took she said "1, 2, 3" then right when she took the picture .. right on cue, Beck let out a huge rumbling toot, threw in a kick while he relieved himself too! It was SO funny! After the picture was taken we just sat there and laughed and said, Did that really just happen? Haha, oh man.

Beck loves Rex! Rex really looks after him!

Here is Beck with my hat on.. I couldn't resist! He looked so cute and funny in it! It reminds me of a Newsies Boy... am I saying that right?


Jim and Katie said...

Great pics of that cute little guy! He's so cute!

Rae Jean said...

Hey Michelle! Of course I remember you! I'm so siked that you are coming to Utah. My boys are excited too! We will have to get together! I hope that you like it here...away from your families. You can call me for anything! Kim has my cell #...

Have fun packing! Hate that...I've done it too much the last 4 years. Drive safely!

Shay and Kira said...

Yes, everyone has to live in Utah once. will have fun though. So, hasn't your family had a million Rex's? I remember Rex when I was a kid. haha.

Nick and Sabrina Zurcher said...

Tucker and Michelle you guys have the cutest baby. We have never seen him before only heard lots and lots from Aunt Kim. You are not alone here in Utah we are just up the street in Alpine. I'm serious Michelle I would love to watch Beck for you sometime. American Fork is nice I grew up there.