Sunday, February 10, 2008

My New Fav Movie!

Carrie and I went out for a well deserved girl's night and saw 27 Dresses. I have been wanting to see it for a while now! Origionally Brittany and i were supposed to go, but due to distance ... haha. But it was such a good movie i though! Definately for girls. It had a lot of witty humor and i just LOVE this actress. Sadly i forget her name. Some fan i am. Anyways.. Go See This Movie!!!
And also Juno was a really good one! Loved it!
I think two movies are some of the best i've seen!
Girl's Night was fun but i admit i missed my 2 boys! Beck was cryin and right when he got in momas arms he's fine! Haha that boy knows how to work it i tell ya! And of course i was happy to see my Hubby! It's good to spend time apart, because i get so excited to be with him again! :)

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Mike & Debbie Gibb & Family said...

Michelle, We loved this movie too! We are glad to catch up on all you are doing in Utah! We sure miss seeing you on Sundays. Little Beck is looking so handsome. We noticed that you found our Blog, Des and I were laughing because we just found yours listed on Kynaston's Blog. Hope you are doing well.
Debbie and Deserae (she des, will write later)