Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snowing.. again

I don't know whats up with all this snow here in Utah.. and i hear its the same in Idaho. Blegh. I'm looking forward to summer! And hopefully lots of fun stuff to do in the sun!
Well we're goin on our 3rd week here in Utah.

Life is pretty good. Since Tucker got back from Las Vegas we have definately spent lots of time together! Good or bad? haha. Since he's not working yet we've been exploring.. or i have at least. Ha. I come up with lists of things i want to do for the day or week. And trust me that list is never ending :) lucky for Tucker. We've gone to the mall, IKEA (which is def. my fav), and even got lost in Provo.. which turned into Orem ?? Plus many other places. Tucker likes to call it "getting to know the cities". It turns out good though. We find some cool places. One of the Gold's Gym has an indoor tennis court! We definately want to hit that up!

Yesterday we went to Iceburg! Also got lost on our way there. We waited in the drive thru for seriously over 20 minutes. I didn't get what the big deal was and why we waited SO long. But then we got our ice cream! Regular Brownie Shake! I don't know why they thought that size was regular when really it was double jumbo basically! But it was so good. It truly was the best shake i've ever had in my life. I even sent a picture to my sister to be jealous. And she was.

Then we went to the D.I. This di is amazing. Haha. I know that sounds a little weird, but really! I don't know if i just haven't been to the one in Boise for a while... but this D.I was really nice. And big. I love just lookin around and findin stuff, got that from my mom who can spend hours there. We ended up getting a puzzle that has been good for entertainment.

Marco and his family have the game Guitar Hero here. And i was pretty decent at it before, but i've stepped up my game! Remember, Tucker and I have a lot of free time these days. :)

Hope you all are doing great! Superbowl is today! You know what that means! Great food!
And of course to brighten up the snowy day, Beck :)


Jim and Katie said...

Wow, Beck sure looks like his daddy in that first picture!! What a cute little guy! Sounds like you are having quite an adventure in Utah. I'm jealous, I miss it. Take care!

Rossana said...

I hope you are getting used to the weather... it's freezing cold here too and it snow's a bunch. Baby Beck is looking very, very handsome, you truly have the cutest baby. I miss you guys and feel bad I never got to say goodbye, but want you to know how much you are loved by the Pedersen bunch. Michelle, you have mature so much! You are a great mom and a great wife. Say hi to Tucker and give baby Beck a huge kiss from me.