Monday, February 11, 2008


I finally got a chance to upload all the pictures I've accumulated since moving! There was a lot, I had to pick and choose which ones made the cut.
They might be in random order haha. I'm not sure how i did it.


We've been sledding twice now! Once with Uncle Mike and his kids. The second was this last saturday with Travis and Stacie! It was way fun! I finally gave in and let Tucker take Beck down a little hill. Or at least that's what i'll call it. But Beck loved it! He had a little smile the whole way down. While we took turns holding Beck so we could sled, beck was just chill. Haha that is really the only word to describe it. It was very cute to see him on Stacie's lap just enjoying the sun and snow. He was very warm. Sledding was way fun with Travis and Stacie! We witnessed some crazy kids though. But it was fun seeing them since we've moved!


Beck really does love his bath time now! He used to not like it at all! But now Tucker gets in with him and play with him. And Beck just kicks the water and splashes. Plus he loves his ducky and frogs he has. But for some reason the cup I use to dump water is his favorite toy.


bkbishopfamily said...

ok, Beck is looking so very cute! gosh, we miss you guys. anson asks for tucker and michelle every other day, at least. thanks for your compliment on my page. click on the orange bar at the top of my page and pick a design. once I had picked a design it gave me instructions on what to do. just beware that you may lose some of your info. I lost my music and family picture-just had to add them back (with Katie's help)!good luck!

chrlttbunch said...

Well miss Michelle, it looks like you are staying very busy! I'm excited that Utah is working out for you guys. Sledding looks amazing! I'm jealous actually. Keep me updated on how you are!! And Kyle is coming to Utah in a few weeks for baseball. Maybe a trip out would be good? I don't know, just an idea! Well talk to you soon!