Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Buenos Noche Beck!

Ahah.. i could not help but take cute pictures of Beck in these cute pj's Muff lent me! I gave him his bath and put him in warm pjs and a nice night cap because i thought maybe all the wet hair was a bit chilly and viola! Awww. What a cutie! The only thing is, you could basically call my camera the devil. Meaning.. the shutter is about 10 seconds late.. !! Which means many missed moments of Beck smiling/sitting perfectly! So most of these the camera went off as he is lunging for me.. or my camera.. ( i like to think me) I look forward to the day i get a new camera!!!! Which is far... far away.
This is definately a Tucker face!

And then Beck finally rips off the hat. I knew it would only last so long. :)


Jim and Katie said...

Cute! :)

Monte and Brittany said...

haha i know what you mean! the camera is sooooooo slow it misses the cute stuff!
they still turned out cute though!! :)

Rae Jean said...

He's such a doll! No matter what he has on...he's sweet. How's Boise??? Good to be home?