Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter and So on

Happppyy Easter! Or late Easter.
Beck had a Fantastic first Easter :)
He wore this cute light blue striped blazer to church and sadly i didn't get a picture of that. BUt He was still just the cutest boy. First we had a early birthday dinner for Travis and played some games.Which by the way that game was the hardest game.. ever. After spending some time eating and playin a game with Tucker's family we went over to my grandma Hope's house.. which was really fun! All us kids just really hangin out and talking.. and Beck.. Oh my! Beck really got on the Easter Bunny's good side! He got an Easter Hamper rather than an Easter Basket haha. It was very cute! We emptied it out and looked at all his new toys and clothes.. Grandma Marilyn definately does so much for Baby Beck and Tucker and I! She is a legacy haha. And Beck also recieved cute little cars to play with from Grandma Hope :). I had told my mom earlier last week how much Beck loves playing with cars, like the hot wheels cars.And my mom said " Are you sure the wheels won't fall off and he won't eat them?!" She was worried! So she surprised him with his very own set of baby cars! Oh very cute!! And he absolutely loves them! He likes to have one in each hand and throw them. I think he tries to make them roll on the ground like i do when i play with him haha. He is definately a boy. When we came home we played a nice game of Ticket to Ride with Muff and Barrett. I just love that game! And they do too. Tucker... on the other hand. I think it's not his favorite because he has no luck/strategy. haha. It was fun though! One of my favorite games.. and .. I won! Woo! Beating the Champion Kendra from the last time we played and the game they played with Travis and Stacie before us. We will definately have to play that game more!

Oh and Here are some pics from the park the other week! I can't wait to go to the park more! Spring is here!

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