Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fashion Show Night

My Aunt Danae and Uncle Victor who own their own hair salon, Studio D, put on an awesome fashion show tonight. The night was dedicated to my lil cousin Katie. All the money went to support a group/place called Hope's Door. Which is a place for women who are abused where they can go to live and get back on their feet. The cause was very enlightening in that there are people out there going through domestic abuse and help is needed. You can Check out the newspaper article here..

It was a very fun night. My whole family went, which was fun as always! Brin and I got to get all dressed up which was nice for me because... I never do that anymore. :) Although we learned pretty quick that we do not fit in the fashion show world. We were all over the place having fun!

All the clothing lines were from boutiques in the Treasure Valley and one line from a designer in Nampa. The clothes were so cute and I wish I could go buy ! BUT all I can do is window shop :) I never really thought to buy clothes from little boutiques.. but I Love the idea of it! Now my mom and I are inspired to open our own boutique. Maybe I'll be the designer?? ;) I wish.

The Night was Very fun! It was nice to get all dressed up and have a night off, and even better to have spent it with my sister and the rest of my family! I was sad Tucker did not come though.. But I think he would have got bored fast... BUT who knows he could have surprised me.

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