Thursday, May 29, 2008

On Our Own!

We finally found an apartment! It is quite a cute lil place. It is actually connected to an older couple's home. And there is a pool conveniently in our backyard :)

AND.. We're moving in Next weekend!!

We made the call, went and looked at the apartment, came home and decided to move in all within 4 hours! You really can't beat the deal we're getting. Plus the landlords even said we could paint and really decorate however we want to it. (Temptingg!!) This is really a blessing for us!! I am so excited to get out on our own .. finally!! It will be really exciting! I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time.. but mainly excited! Nervous that our place will be preeeetty empty in the beginning haha. We hadn't planned on finding an apartment so soon.. so we will be gradually getting all the things we need. First thing on the list... a mattress! I don't plan on sleeping on the floor too long. :) hah.
And just a picture to smile about :)


Monte and Brittany said...

congratulations. where's the apartment at? thats awesome that you can paint and do whatever you want.. jealous.
but if you guys need help moving SERIOUSLY don't hesitate to call. we're both willing.. we know how big of a pain moving is..

Monte and Brittany said...

oh and dont worry about it being empty.. you move in and it feels really empty but you soon find that you have to much stuff and cant fit it all in your apartment!! haha

Monte and Brittany said...

oh really?? well we'll all have to get together sometime. monte and i drive past there every weekend almost.. well every other. his parents live close to that..
but again im really excited for you guys.. it is soooooo fun to be on your own..

Jim and Katie said...

Hooray! How fun for you. You will have so much fun being on your own. You'll have to have an "apartment-warming" party and invite us all over to see it :)