Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well! We are all moved in! And it is awesome! We are so excited to be on our own! The place looks cute.. and will get better when we get a kitchen table haha :).

Probably won't post as much here... seeing as we have internet... BUT.. no laptop/computer. hah

But i'm sure you all will survive.
And congratulations to Brittany !! Love you!! life is JUST beginning. seriously. <3


Monte and Brittany said...

yay! congrats! we should hang out. i wanna see your new apartment!!

Rae Jean said...

If you could find a way...I have a kitchen table and microwave! lol Congrats on the new place! Hope you find much happiness there! Also, congrats on being sealed. That is awesome! Families really are meant to be together forever, and you are teaching Beck and your future children just that!