Friday, August 22, 2008

still alive?

Woww.. I amaze myself! No blogging for over 2 months!
Well I suppose now would be a better time than none to catch up on our life. Not that I'm totally sure anyone still even checks this blog anymore haha. But for all you faithful blog checkers of ours... if any.. Hello! And yes, we are alive and kickin'! Beck mainly doin all the kickin during his tantrums though :)
Well our apartment was fun and it was so great to be on our own.. But due to some new news we received (which will come later in this post) We decided it was best for us to move back in with Kim and Mike. They are really sooo nice to have us again. It will be especially nice to save up our money for things we need, since..
We are expecting another babbbyy! Yes. It is true. And I am sure most of you who even read this already know. SO... Details details.. Well I am 14 weeks along as of today and past all the morning sicki. Talk about relieved! I can live my life again! I already got a little baby bump goin on.. that I'd like to think is not very noticable.. but I know better. I wonder if I started showing earlier because its my 2nd pregnancy? I think i read that somewhere.. hm. BUT We are getting very excited and ANXIOUS to find out the sex of the baby! Surprisingly we are both hoping for a sweet baby girl.. But we are always not getting our hopes too high because it is a 50/50 chance. So I am getting better at being prepared if it is a boy.
Baby Boy PROS: Beck has a new best friend/enemy, 2 little boys running around and playing.. that'd be very cute.
Baby Boy CONS: Only 1 con really... No dresses and hair accessories.. again.
SO we will see what the outcome is! My whole family thinks it will be a girl. But I haven't gotten the confirmation like a did last time that my grandma knew it was a boy. I will definately be posting the outcome of that in about 6 weeks!

Tucker starts at BSU again on Monday.. that should be fun for him. He really does love school and I love that he loves it! He is smart too so he's got it goin on. haha. Today we'll probably go look at some laptops. Which will be fun. ANd hopefully I will get that long awaited Pronto Pup I have been dying for! Since we cannot go to the fair and get one (pay to get in.. pay extra for a reg. Pronto Pup) I will be getting my "Fair/Pronto Pup" Experience at the Boise Towne Square Mall. Which is fine with me.. might as well stop in and say hi to all the cute pups at the pet store! Tuck knows we cannot go in the mall without stopping there :) haha.
OH and yes.. Mr. Beck! He's 13 months old now! I try and refrain from calling him Baby Beck now.. since there will be another baby.. (whenever there is a small baby or a baby doll around I tell him to look at the baby... he is so cute) I'm not sure what all I can do to get a 1 year old ready for another baby. I'm sure he'll notice Mommy has gained an extra 30 pounds down the road. haha. Yesterday he kneed me so hard in my babeh belly. Oh man.. that kid. It really hurt.
But anyways.. Mr. Beck is walking all over the place! We watched Tucker play in his softball game yesterday and since Beck can walk.. He was alll over the place! Wanting Tucker's friends to hold him, trying to sneak past me into the dugout. Haha. jeez. He even found a skateboard and I helped him try that out for a bit. So sorry my love Tucker.. I regret to say I missed alot of his game hah. But Beck is so fun and babbling all the time! We love to watch him grow and see him learn all these new things! I especially love watching Tucker just play with Beck.. I know Beck LOVES it! Beck loves Tucker so much. Since Tucker sleeps during most the day cause he works all night.. When Tucker wakes up and comes out of the room Beck's eyes just light up! I know he gets tired of being with me all the time. And its nice when Tucker and Beck spend that time together so I have a break too.
I have been a slacker on taking pictures since the move into the apartment.. so I'm gonna get back into it.. Poor kid has like no pictures of him lately .. at least that I took. haha.

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Monte and Brittany said...

oh my gosh! thats so exciting.
im so jealous! i want another baby so bad. but monte doesnt want to be empty nesters to young so he said we should space them out a little.
but im glad your over the morning sickness!!
text me sometime! seriously. we'll all hang out! :)
514 5496!!
i had to get a new phone so i dont have anyones numbers anymore or i'd text you!! :)

see ya.