Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beck is a Natural!

This kid saw this at Other Mothers.. and wailed till i got it down for him to "ride"! He jumped on it like a pro and started standing up like a little daredevil! Gotta love him! He is ALL boy! :D


Monte and Brittany said...

haha how cute!
i love his facial expression!!

Monte and Brittany said...

really? yeah what a small world. Monte went to High School with her their freshman year. then she transferred.

I know our boys are getting very big!!
its crazy time has gone by so fast.. i mean your expecting #2!!
i want to get pregnant but monte doesnt want to be empty nesters to young. which i agree but i still want another! haha
soon hopefully..

it was good to hear from you!
you need to hang out!! seriously.

Monte and Brittany said...

old navy? that sounds fun! i think it would be fun to have to job like that.. discounts on cloths and you get to get out!!

your so right.. and then if we are empty nesters we could travel and visit all our kids and grandkids..

which old navy do you work at? is your schedule different everyweek?