Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank you to the ancient chinese!

I checked out the chinese lunar calander.. to see if I would have a boy or girl...
and wouldn't ya know, the chinese predict a GIRL!
I looked up Beck's and they were right bout him also.. And Kendra also said it was right about her kids... So I'm thinking that this thing might work for me this time around.
This whole chinese lunar calander thing is allllll very interesting.. but I like it, and I'll take it!
There is hope! I hope...

Was it right for you?

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Jim and Katie said...

That calendar says mine is a girl too, so I'm so excited. It was right for Molly & Jessica too, so we'll hope it's right for us! Glad you are back to the blogging world. I was missing those cute pics of Beck. We are doing good. One more month till we find out what we are having. I think Kim said you are a couple of weeks behind me. That will be fun for our babies!! Not that we see each other that often, but maybe we can do something about that ;)