Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Locks of Hair, All Gone

Anyone remember Baby Beck with long hair?? Well savor the memory! He was so cute with his long shaggy boy hair!

Say hello to my new Beck! Short big boy hair and all! He looks oh so cute with his hair now. I still can't get used to it though. Every time I turn to look at him and he's there with his buzzed head and dimples.. haha.I cannot get used to it. He looks like a totally different little boy, who gained some chub too. ;) Tuck and I teamed up and buzzed it ourselves (after we did Tuck's hair .. much needed) Beck was a fighter that kid! We did our best.. it turned out good for our first time.. still, there is evidence it was not professionaly done hah. But he pulls it off well.

Conclusion... I love my baby Beck's new haircut. Though his long hair was so cute and irresistable the cut was needed, it was time.
Couldn't get much smiles out of him after the cut but he sure blew us some good kisses!
And here is baby Beck pre-haircut.. I don't think any child loves raisins more than this kid.


Monte and Brittany said...

he does look a lot different! but hes super cute!!!
was that his first haircut??
michelle we need to hang out!

Jim and Katie said...

That buzz really makes him look like his daddy!

kim said...

what cute boy! He is adorable no matter what hair do he has! And I know he is so excited to get a new baby sister!!! Love you guys!