Thursday, September 25, 2008


We finally found out today.. We are having a sweet baby GIRL! When the lady doing the ultrasound said it was a girl.. I was happy.. but I needed her to be positive. Then.. She showed us the 'parts' and said No doubt, this baby is a girl! I had a smile glued to my face during the rest of the ultrasound (despite it being so uncomfortable with all the pushing on my belly thing, not a fan)
Now for the dresses, skirts, flowers, tutus, tights, hair accesories, and whatever the pink brings in!
She'll be a daddy's girl and always looked after by her tough older brother.
How exciting! We are both so happy we're having a girl! :) I cannot stop thinking bout it.. I can't wait to meet her :)


Monte and Brittany said...

MIchelle!! yay!! im so happy for you! i really hope were gonna have a girl for our second too! :)

Lisonbee Family said...


Jim and Katie said...

Girls, girls everywhere! I love it. Our two will have to BFF's considering they will be so close in age!

Monte and Brittany said...

hey how do you know the Spencers?..

Scott and Kylee??

Monte and Brittany said...

thats crazy! it is such a SMALL world!!
were friends with Kylee and Spencer.. they were in our ward for a while then realized that they actually belonged in another ward! haha

Monte and Brittany said...

i totally was side tracked when i wrote that last comment.. i ment Kylee and Scott! haha not kylee and spencer!

Erin said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!