Sunday, October 12, 2008

hellooo to snow

Wooooooo.. SNOW! I could not believe my eyes!! I mean, I expected some sort of small SMALL amount of snow to fall because of the news and such. But I did not expect like "Snow the last minute before christmas morning" kind of Snow! How fun :) I rather enjoyed the snow actually. It was refreshing and made me want to get all warm and snugli. So I had myself a nice cup of hot chocolate. :)
Beck really did love the snow also. He had his "OHHHHH" face. then when I started taking pictures of him and he gave me that stink face! This is the face we get a lot now.. But usually he doesn't have that smirk. Usually, it is just a plain old mean face, lips out, eyebrows burrowed, eyes narrowed chin to chest. haha. We don't know why he does it, but we love it! we try not to encourage him to do it.. ah but it is just too funny!

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