Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beck & Conference

I got a few pics of Beck entertaining himself during some conference sessions haha. He is quite cute :)

I had actually pulled out his little chair for ME to sit on.. but once he saw what I was doing he dashed for his chair and plopped right on down. haha. He rarely stays in that chair for as long as he did... That stinker! Only cause I had wanted it first haha. :)

He then pushed the chair away and pulled out his little four wheeler RIGHT in front of the tv. I guess mommy and dada were too into the conference and he wanted some attention because he started doin tricks once again! But this time he did the craziest one.. haha. He stood on it like you can see in the picture.. then tested out one handing it.. then NO HAnds.! He stood straight up balancing on the seat! Where does he learn this stuff?? Sadly my camera was too slow to capture the daredevil moment.

For Sundays afternoon session we went to my moms house. And Beck was entertained with my brother with video games. HA I guess the love for video games runs in the family. Yes, i grew up playing and Beck will too probably. haha at least he will with those uncles of his! He loves being with his Uncle Brandon and Uncle Ryan! And he was entertained the whole time! talk about a nice break :)

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