Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a thought

We never touch people so lihgtly that we do not leave a trace.
-Peggy Tabor Millin
Just a good quote to think on. It is very true in many ways. People can leave a good impact or experience or a bad one. Especially after hearing Edler Worthlin's talk during conference, this is so important to just be kind to people you come across. Just be happy and let that feeling rub off on others.


Monte and Brittany said...

did you hear that on Oprah?? haha. i watched that today.. it was good! :)

kinda makes you think about what your doing.. and how it can effect someone else!!
i agree it IS a good thought to think on! :)

Jim and Katie said...

Great thought - thanks for sharing!

Blake and Katie Summers said...

Hey Michelle! This is katie (heuer)! I just found your blog, it is so cute you guys look so happy! Congrats on a little girl!!!