Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HumdeeDum Stuff and What I'm Thankful For

There is really not much to post about lately... It seems the days are just goin by and somehow I keep myself busy with this and that, along with spending my days with the little loco boy Beck. He is definately a funny one! I suppose every parent finds their own child funny. But really... I mean you must not have met Beck Alan Botkin. I just don't know where he learns all the stuff he does! And he's gettin so smart now.. and BIG! I realized today/tonight... he is a full on Toddler! Toddlin', runnin, fallin, jumping, babbbling on and on and on . And soon there will be an actual baby joining the mix. Wow. I held a newborn.. well not even a total newborn the other day and I felt like I was totally out of the "baby mode". I was so nervous holdin a little wee baby again. Oh man. But when I think back to when Beck was born, I don't remember feeling/thinking too much of "oh no. how do I hold him. He's too little. I'm gonna hurt him." I guess it'll all come back to me when this lil girly is born. Which is quite amazing really. Heavenly Father sure is nice when he blesses us new moms with that instant knowledge of babyhood.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.. now that is something to post about eh'.
Wow. I have so much to be thankful for... in so aspects of my life. Health and fertility, to my husband and beck, the doggies at my parents house, all my family, the church which keeps me on track in life.. and brings completeness to my life., my friendships that i cherish, being able to stay home with Beck. Tucker and Beck each have their own little sub-thankful-categories :) Oh i love them so much! oh and My dear mother.. for everything she does everyday for me. Calling me everyday, bringing by stuff, being one my best friends. And that brings me to My sister who is just the best and we have our own little language. we should have been twins i swear! And the older brother sibs. They definately bring some major laughter and joy and upbeat to the family. And they support me and love me so much! I know they'd both do anything for me.
I just have SO much to be thankful for! At Thanksgiving dinner/lunch/meal we go around and say something we're thankful for.. and Tucker and I also did it at our FHE group on Monday.. and EVERY time I do something like that my answer seems so .. little and not what I wanted to say. I always think I'm going for the simple answer.. which is clean. hah. But it comes out and then my turn is gone.. and i am left thinking... "what???? thats all I said?? " So I'm glad I got at least a BIT of it off my chest here on the blog. haha. phew.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!