Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beck's week in pictures

This weekend we house/dog sat for Katie and Jim while they were out of town. Beck loved it! He just wanted the dogs inside all the time! At bedtime, Beck took his blanket with him to the dogs and tried to cover them with it. He then tried to find a comfy spot to lay with them.. laying down and getting up every minute haha. When it was time for bed and I put the dogs out Beck did NOT agree. As you can see.. He threw a fit. A full on temper tantrum right on the doormat leading to the backyard. It was quite a site. and very funny haha.


Meet Beck's "baby". He actually has two haha.
While cleaning/organizing my sister's room last week we found the infamous E.T. Which I am still freaked out of to this day. Well.. she showed it to Beck, and I expected Beck to say "nooooo" and get scared. But he loved it. He reached out for it saying "Babyyy" haha. It was so funny. He would not let any of us take it away from him and he kept calling it baby. My mom tried to teach him it was E.T. (we don't want Beck to think Babies are aliens) But no, it was his baby.

Meet Beck's other baby. This is the baby we tell him IS a baby. He dug it out of the toy basket and held it for a while before he went to bed. He cuddled with it and kissed it. Sometimes threw it.. But the nice cancled out the mean :)


Jim and Katie said...

I think the ET kinda looks like a baby - in a way. It's a pretty creepy baby though!

kim said...

I vote for baby number two! It is not as scary looking! Beck is so cute with the doggies! What a sweet little guy he is!

rachellehurd said...

HAHAHA that is funny!! :)