Thursday, January 8, 2009

Change of Pace

Pretty cute huh?

33 weeks down... Still a month and a half to go!

Though i do look and feel like it should be today.At least thats what the sales lady at Payless said. hm. Thanks Payless lady.
Gotta love those unwanted comments.
But now... me time!
Yes, Beck is finally down for a nap.. yeah he went down at 4:00.
Not his usual. But I'm glad I finally get a little sit down time.
I've been lookin around at other blogs a lot lately.. ones of people i don't know. ha. But I realized, I wasn't using this blog for me, (I'd say Tucker wasn't either but he doesnt write) I rarely looked forward to a blog post. Because i felt it was more of a blog post update and this is what we've done and we got pics to prove it type thing. Nothing wrong with that but I Didn't feel like this blog was for my benefit.. more for others to get the update... I just dont enjoy writing a mere update.. So i think i'll be writing more of whatever I feel like writing about.. Along with an update here and there. Of course my life IS my family, so this blog is still about the Botkin Family. haha i guess this just means there will be more writing than there is pictures. which is opposite of how it is now. Sorry fellow bloggers. I know sometimes the actual writing junk isnt much fun to read. But feel free to not read :) There will still be pictures.
Anywho. I feel very exhausted today.. Why? I don't really know... maybe its the appointments and continuous cleaning of Beck's everyday mess. HAH. Oh no.. imagine the mess with 2 of the little chillens. But I think mainly i'm just extremely pregnant. I don't care what that doctor says.. I really think they got the due date wrong.. I mean i am measuring at 35 ... Which is 2 weeks ahead of what they say I am. I'm gettin to the tired point of the last tri. No fun. Cause I am also gettin to the nesting phase... actually i think it might be me just being a perfectionist but on steroids cause of the pregnancy. And with us probably going to San Jose come this spring (more on that at a later time).. I'm trying to think and visualize everything I have to do.. And what stuff I should do before the baby gets here.. and what stuff I can't do until the week before we leave. What stuff we need to take and what stuff we need to pack away. Where we will keep all the stuff we don't take. So, lots of hectic in my brain right now. I decided last night (all this going through my brain keeping me awake) that i'll write everything down in a little notebook. Which is nothin new.. i'm an obsessive write everything down person. all my "to do's" and such. So this is all very exhausting you see. But it comes with the mom/wife job I suppose. And here is where I'll stop my rambling. But hey! This was nice.. :)

Here is Beck being forced outside in the snow.. He didn't like it much surprisingly.. I think it was a bit too windy for his liking. And he didn't appreciate his hands in such confinment. Poor guy. We ate lunch, put Beck down for a nap and Tucker and I relived the old days and created this masterpiece:
Here is the Botkin Snowman Family. Yes aren't we stunning :)
Tucker insisted we make my prego belly as huge and sticky outy as possible
Because I guess thats how i look in real life... Oh boy!.. thats love.


Lisonbee Family said...


Monte and Brittany said...

haha i love the snow family!!

Jim and Katie said...

the prego snowman is awesome!! Good thinking! I guess I don't feel bad about measuring a week ahead if you are measuring two weeks ahead. you poor thing. hang in there :) We're almost there :)

rachellehurd said...

post a PICTURE of your BELLY!!! ahhh i'm a bad friend, it totally missed most of your pregnancy, and now you are about to POP! if you're up to it, let's get together! if not, i owe you a visit after this sweet little girl comes. :) good luck with everything. are you excited??!!! ready i'm sure!