Sunday, January 18, 2009

What in the world??

Beck has been sick for most of this last week.. its a sad thing. Eyes boogery, nose running, little cough goin, no wonder he's been whining so much. let me tell you also, I think he has enjoyed perfecting his whine. I don't remember it being so ... whiney before this.
Took him to the Doc. Doc gave him a perscription for some meds . Joy :) . and we started the recover process.
Though the days are MUCH better than they were.. the nights are horrrrrible. Yeah.. it might be a little easier if Tuck didn't work nights.. or if he would take his Children's Motrin. But no. Obviously i got the wrong flavor because that kid smells it and wont let it get near his mouth! And there I was at Walgreens picking out the flavor thinking he'd really really like Berry. Oh if only I could go back in time.
And you might say.. yeah just shove it in his mouth.. etc etc.
Oh yes. We've tried. Tucker and I team up on little Beck.. yet.. Beck wins. How ??! Well this boy has a mean kick and punches.. so we restrain him.. then what? He thrashes his head around so you either hurt him or get it all over him. Fun.
So back to my point. Nights are horrible. That cute little booger wakes up. I wait and see if he'll fall back asleep. He doesn't. I go get him. Take him to the couch.. we watch a little baby first while he sips some chocolate milk. I wait to see he is getting tired and non resistant to sleep. When that happens i take him to my bed to sleep the rest of the night. That is our night routine. Last night Beck strayed from the routine.. ! Awake from 1 am to 4/4:30 am. That is definately not our routine. Though it wasnt the first time is has happened this week, man it had just alllll added up and made last night the worst.
I suppose I will stop complaining...
The point of all that was----
What in the world am i going to do when sweet little baby girl Botkin is added to the mix?!

haha ... oh no.
At least they are cute right :)

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Erin Dougal said...

Haha. I'm sorry dear! I really think that God makes children absolutely adorable for a good reason, if they weren't cute I don't know how they'd get away with so much.