Sunday, February 22, 2009

Arli Pilar Botkin

It's true. Our pretty little girl is here!

She was born February 17 at 8:35 am. Weighing 7lbs 7oz. 19 in. long. Yes.. that is bigger than Beck was :)

She's got a load of hair that will hopefully stick around. My favorite is when her pretty eyes are open. You can just get the whole cuteness of her :)

We are enjoying her so much! She is already Daddy's little girl! From the minute she came out Tuckers been callin her cute little nicknames: Sweetheart, Hun, pretty girl, Babe. So its a little confusing who he's talking to now haha. But its so sweet. When we dressed her to bring her home from the hospital in her cute little girl clothes Tucker said something like "This is weird. I don't like it, We need another boy" Cause of all the pinkness she was wearing :)

Beck is doing awesome with her too! I didn't expect him to do so good. (so far). He loves to hold her. Whenever she makes a noise beck comes to see her. He's kissed her a few times. But he loves to pet her head haha. It is very cute! He's a good big brother.
Gettin along with 2 kids is goin good so far. Hah, the second night home though, Beck woke up crying and Arli was wide awake. So i had a nice little slumber party with Beck in my bed and holding Arli cause she's just so dang cute when she's awake. It was a very tiring night though. Since then Beck has slept good and Arli seems to be gettin her days and nights on track.

We love our new little sweetness :)

and of course my 2 bots. Beck watchin music videos with daddy


rachellehurd said...

congrats, she is adorable!! she looks a lot like mr. beck. :) i like the name you decided on, very ute! and i hope YOU are feeling well too!

Barney Blah...g said...

I love that picture of Beck on Tuckers back it was so cute! Also Arli is such a cute baby and I love the name!!!! Can't wait to see her.

Lisonbee Family said...


MOLLY / TODD said...

aah what a cute little thing! love all that hair, how fun for you!!!

Rae Jean said...

Congratulations!!! We are so happy that all is well, and that Beck is loving his little sister! What a cute little family!