Monday, March 2, 2009

Arli's Blessing

We had Arli's blessing yesterday. It was so nice. Tucker gave her a beautiful blessing and so much family were there. It was really great . And Arli just looked so beautiful :) (biased mother speaking)
And Beck was lovin on Arli real good yesterday haha. Those are some sweet pucker lips if you ask me.
We are enjoyin our babeh's :)


kim said...

cute pictures! Beck is quite a smoocher!! It was such a special day for your beautuful new daughter! Love you guys!

Rae Jean said...

What a darling dress! She looked like a little princess! I'm so glad that she arrived safe and sound. Have fun with her and Beck!

Shay and Kira said...

So I knew you knew Katie, but I don't think i knew you know Clarisa...did I? I can't keep track of all of the same people we know. Well if you know all the gang, we need to have a party and have you guys over too!